Covid-19 Response

As this global pandemic continues to change, so do our policies and protocols for providing you and our employees with the safest way to travel, while minimizing exposure to yourself and our employees.  We have always believed our client interactions/relationships are what set us apart, and unfortunately, we find ourselves in a time that requires us to distance ourselves from you.  Our commitment has always been to provide you with the best travel experience possible, and we feel it is in your best interest to make changes to our standards for everyone’s safety.  This is an ever-evolving list that changes daily, but I wanted to share with you some of the things you will notice on your flight:


  • In addition to having our airplanes professionally sanitized by our local team here at Spirit, the airplanes are also sanitized after every occupied flight segment

Baggage Handling:

  • You will notice our crewmembers using gloves while handling your bags that are to go into the baggage compartment.
  • We are asking that you remain outside of the airplane while the crew loads all of the bags and secures the airplane.  Where possible, we are still allowing passengers to drive up the airplane, however, please wait to board until they advise that it is ok to board. 

Flight Crew Exposure: 

  • We restricted our flight crews from flying on the airlines several weeks ago, as well as overnight hotel stays.  We have also implemented a crew pairing system which keeps the same crew together as to minimize exposure between crews and ultimately lowers your exposure
  • Our crews will be shutting the flight deck curtains or door for the duration of the flight and we ask that the passengers refrain from approaching the flight deck for the entire flight unless there is an emergency
  • Normally our crews would check on the passengers several times throughout the flight, but we have instructed them to remain in the flight deck for the duration of the flight
  • You may notice your crewmember wearing an N95 or other mask for the duration of the flight, please don’t be concerned that your crewmember is ill, moreover we have advised all employees that if they feel comfortable wearing a mask for their own protection, they are encouraged to do so

For the protection of SpiritJets employees, and future passengers that travel on our aircraft, we are  requiring all passengers to disclose if they have symptoms of COVID-19 as described by the CDC or if you have had close contact with an individual(s) that have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  The crewmembers reserve the right to refuse boarding if they feel their health is at risk or the health of anyone else onboard the airplane.