As this global pandemic continues to change, so do our policies and protocols for providing you and our employees with the safest way to travel, while minimizing exposure to yourself and our employees.  We have always believed our client interactions/relationships are what set us apart, and unfortunately, we find ourselves in a time that requires us to distance ourselves from you.  Our commitment has always been to provide you with the best travel experience possible, and we feel it is in your best interest to make changes to our standards for everyone’s safety.  This is an ever-evolving list that changes daily, but I wanted to share with you some of the things you will notice on your flight:


Baggage Handling:

Flight Crew Exposure: 

For the protection of SpiritJets employees, and future passengers that travel on our aircraft, we are requiring all passengers to disclose if they have symptoms of COVID-19 as described by the CDC or if you have had close contact with an individual(s) that have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  The crewmembers reserve the right to refuse boarding if they feel their health is at risk or the health of anyone else on board the airplane.