Charter & Membership

Whether you’re a frequent or occasional flier, SpiritJets provides safe, efficient, and completely confidential travel. 

We provide domestic and international flights, and people use our services for both business and pleasure. 

Our experienced aviation professionals deliver custom-tailored service. You’ll be able to rest assured you’ve made the right choice for travel. 

And our 24-hour Flight Coordination and Customer Service team are always available to ensure your needs are met—from takeoff to landing.

Charter Shares

Our Membership Program for Savvy Travelers

If you fly often but don’t own a plane, it’s helpful to have an established relationship with your charter company. SpiritJets has a flexible plan for people like you: Charter Shares.

Charter Shares Benefits

  • Guaranteed availability
  • The industry’s most efficient travel program with both one-way and round-trip travel options
  • Competitive pricing—significantly less than most of our major competitors
  • Charter Shares is operated exclusively by SpiritJets on our modern fleet of jet aircraft

Contact Us

In addition to Charter Shares, we offer traditional charter flights. We can also tailor a block charter arrangement for frequent private jet travelers.

For additional information about Charter Shares or any of our other charter options, please contact us at (636) 735-2222 or email us.