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SpiritJets is a full-service aircraft management and charter company
headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri

Why SpiritJets?

SpiritJets is a leading provider of private jet services, built by a team of experienced aviation professionals. SpiritJets offers private jet charter, turn-key aircraft management and sales & acquisition services for clients demanding the very best.

ARG/US Platinum Safety Rating

Many claim to be the best; SpiritJets utilizes independent auditors to validate our claim. Less than 10% of US charter operations earn a Platinum safety rating from the independent aviation auditing firm ARGUS, availing clients the peace of mind that comes from doing business with a dedicated and focused private aviation company.

Safety Management Systems

SpiritJets Safety Management System is a pro-active approach to safety that encourages all employees to identify and predict potential hazards. In an industry that has heavily relied on the past to mitigate future concerns, we work to improve safety by developing a culture and systems that look forward. As the areas only active participant in the FAA’s Voluntary SMS Pilot Program we continue to advance our safety systems.

Flight Crew Training

SpiritJets has partnered with Flight Safety International and Bombardier to develop training programs that are tailored to our operations. All SpiritJets pilots receive training and check rides to the industry’s highest standards of Airline Transport Pilots. SpiritJets training program includes comprehensive training in emergency procedures and critical environments such as mountainous terrain operations.