You focus on your goals.

We focus on getting you there.

SpiritJets is a full-service aircraft management and charter company headquartered in St. Louis, MO.  

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Why SpiritJets?

Do you want the very best for yourself and those you serve? SpiritJets is a leading provider of private jet services built by a team of experienced aviation professionals. We offer private jet charter and turn-key aircraft management along with sales & acquisition services.

A Relationship You Can Trust

When you book a flight for another person, you put your reputation on the line. Each reservation or recommendation says, “This is an organization I trust.”

It’s not something you do lightly. At SpiritJets, we respect that.

When you book a flight with us, we take up where you leave off—making sure your valued client, employer, or co-worker gets the highest level of service.

Reaching Higher

First, our office staff is here to serve you. From customizing in-flight stock to booking car service at the destination, we help however we can.

When it’s time to fly, our clients pull up directly to the plane—and it’s always an impressive sight. Meticulously cared-for both inside and out, style and safety fit hand in glove at SpiritJets. 

This attention to detail isn’t a hit-or-miss proposition. It’s the way we work, with the infrastructure in place to produce the same result every time.

For private air travel, we’d like to be your vendor of choice. Let us help you with your next charter flight.

Reliable & Responsive

Whether you’re flying for business or recreation, the less time you spend booking and coordinating the details of your flight, the more time you’ll have available to enjoy your trip. Our consistent, reliable service is something you can count on, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Wherever life takes you, we can help get you there with comfort and certainty.

You focus on your goals.

We focus on getting you there.

SpiritJets is a full-service aircraft management and charter company headquartered in St. Louis, MO.

We're Obsessed With Safety

Flight Crew Training

When you fly with SpiritJets, you receive a highly trained flight crew eager to provide you with luxury service.
But they’re prepared for anything. SpiritJets has partnered with FlightSafety International to develop training programs tailored to our operations.
Additionally, all SpiritJets pilots receive training and checkrides to the industry’s highest standards of Airline Transport Pilots. SpiritJets training program includes comprehensive training in emergency procedures and critical environments such as mountainous terrain operations.


When you board a luxury charter jet, safety should be the last thing on your mind. But getting you to your destination safely will always be our number one priority. 

That’s why we’ve earned our IS-BAO certification and the highest safety rating, of Platinum, from the independent aviation auditing firm ARGUS, putting us in the top 10% of US charter operations. That’s the power of doing business with a dedicated and focused private aviation company.

As this global pandemic continues to change, so do our policies and protocols for providing you and our employees with the safest way to travel, while minimizing exposure to yourself and our employees.  We have always believed our client interactions/relationships are what set us apart, and unfortunately, we find ourselves in a time that requires us to distance ourselves from you. 

Our commitment has always been to provide you with the best travel experience possible, and we feel it is in your best interest to make changes to our standards for everyone’s safety. 

Safety Management Systems

SpiritJets Safety Management System (SMS) is our pro-active and collaborative approach to providing top-flight service. Our culture and systems help us work together to identify and predict potential hazards.