Sales & Acquisition

The SpiritJets’ staff has assisted numerous aircraft owners with the purchase of a new aircraft or the disposal of their current aircraft. Unlike most aircraft sales brokers, SpiritJets has both owned and operated numerous aircraft makes and models giving us additional insight. Instead of relying on third party information, we will use our experience to analyze and identify the aircraft that best meets the clients mission profile. Our detail oriented process relies heavily on the resources that we have as an aircraft operator which includes maintenance review and visual inspections by a licensed technician.

Our services don’t stop at closing. If the aircraft needs refurbishment or maintenance after the purchase we can assist with the negotiation and scheduling of the project, overseeing it from beginning to end.

Please contact Doug McCollum at +1 (636) 530-7616 or [email protected] to learn more about SpiritJets’ Sales and Acquisition Services.

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